A Patriot’s Poem

Dedicated our our Armed Forces who have unselfishly served America through so many wars.
Thank you for your service. – MKG

If you want to say you can’t stand for the flag
In a classroom or sporting event, cause it’s wrong
And should we really pledge allegiance to a symbol
Why can’t we kneel as we sing a patriotic song?

Why respect a piece of cloth with stripes and stars?
Why honor a land that’s filled with so many flaws?
On top of that you cite it as your freedom to start
An Anti-United States of America cause

Let me tell you son, that flag is better than us
It will live longer than all of us here in the USA
Everything we have we owe to the protection
From soldiers who guard us night and day

They put their lives on the line to see we live
To watch our kids grow to be women and men
And when our soldiers die while on tour of duty
We see the flag cover their coffins again & again

You’re saying you feel like you never belonged
You say racism exists and you want us to pay
And you’ll burn the flag that has united us
That has been with us and shown us the way

Well I know some people won’t forgive others
And some work at it like a riddle without clues
There are those who forget who wronged them
And those who don’t want to decide or choose

I think I’d rather believe in what each of us does
To promote goodwill and peace from sea to sea
Erases every discrimination and hurt slowly
And turns this Country into what we want to be.

Matthew Kenneth Gray
April 19, 2021

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