Rich-Rich Redneck

You’ve got a Range Rover in the garage
A couple beat up trucks in the drive
You go huntin’ on the weekends
And you’ve never had to strive

It’s clear you’ve got your own bank
You’re livin easy and runnin’ free
You’re a Rich-Rich Redneck
And you’re not fooling me

Your man cave’s a movie theatre
And you built your own car wash
But your beer is cold blue ribbon
And you stink like fish by gosh

You’ve got a gun collection
Your Mama’s name is Midge
You’re a Rich-Rich Redneck
With moonshine in your fridge

I don’t wanna know you made your money
But damn, dude – you’re outta control
You’ve got so much crazy crap everywhere
It’s like you sold your body, mind and soul

With what you’re doin’ I know one thing
I could learn a lot of lessons from you
So what do you say can you teach me
to be a Rich-Rich Redneck like you?

I wanna have whatever you have
The secret you hide not so well
I wanna live a life like you do
Without havin’ to buy then sell

Maybe you invested in land or inventions
Maybe you’re dealing in heroin or cocaine
What’s that you say, you created it all
Using imagination and your pain?

So just from writing about my heartache
And recording it for the world to hear
I can be a Rich-Rich Redneck like you?
That sounds like a helluva career

That sounds like a helluva career!

October 1, 2021

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