Struggling State

When you’re struggling
Do you change course
Or are you stubborn
Like an old and bitter horse

Who’s been out in the barn
For some 10 years or more
When you’re struggling
Do you wonder what it’s all for?

When you’re struggling
Do you feel that pain
Or do you feel pleasure
Like you’re back home again

As a child with your Grandma
At the old department store
When you’re struggling
Do you curl up on the floor?

Cause when I’m struggling
It’s hard to figure things out
It’s hard to come to terms
With what it’s all about

When I’m struggling
I’m filled with fear and doubt
Overwhelmed like worms
Trapped in a water spout

And I’m falling
And I’m falling
I’m falling
I just keep falling
I’m falling
And I can’t seem
To stand up straight
When I’m in a
Struggling state.

December 8, 2021

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