May You Prosper Greatly

For Grace Marie and Annie Jean

As you walk along the shoreline
As you hear the crashing waves
As you do your due diligence
As you explore your inner caves

May you prosper greatly
May you be blessed by your breaks
May you live the life you wanted
May you swim in oceans and lakes
May you survive all your battles
May you heal, may you grow
Oh, may you prosper greatly
May you learn from what you didn't know

As you feel something in you kicking
As you see light in clouds of doom
As you chase that elusive angel
As you're sleeping deeply in your room

May you prosper greatly
May you dream your fantasies
May you awaken with passion
May you solve those mysteries
May you understand your purpose
May you always do what's right
Oh, may you prosper greatly
As a beacon to others may you be bright

January 28, 2022

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