They sold her a story
Told her she'd go far
She was a looker & a beauty
and she was gonna be a star

They didn't have to polish her
She had natural charm & poise
Other girls wanted to be like her
She was attractive to all of the boys

Oh, but Betty was lonely
No one knew how she felt inside
She was looking for answers
in everything she tried
Acting, Modeling, all of the Men
Nothing could quench her thirst
Oh, Betty was lonely
with a heart so big it burst

In the public eye she shined
But privately she was a mess
At all those red carpet premieres
They just cared about Betty's dress

She had no idea who she was
Everyone close told her what to do
One night at her home in the Hills
Betty broke down and no one knew

Oh, how Betty was lonely
In that mansion with no pride
The media had so many questions
But behind her smile, she'd hide
Nobody knew her struggle
Nobody knew Betty's inner pain
Not even those who loved her
They thought they'd see her again

They found Betty years later
In a roadside diner in the Midwest
She became a small town waitress
Betty was happy in a regular dress

She said she could live without
the glory, attention and fame
with a quiet, normal life
and her maiden name

And now Betty's not lonely
serving up malts and fries
If people ask her about her past
She simply says she got wise
She knew she'd never be happy there
Being someone she didn't want to be
Some people just are meant for
living with dignity and privacy
and that's Betty, that's Betty, that's Betty.

February 7, 2022 

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