South Mouth

My sweetheart's got a South Mouth
She's the loudest one in the room
She cracks jokes n tells her stories
like she's singin' a Hank Williams tune
She can't help but be a little ornery
but she's as quiet as a church mouse
When we're home on our easy chairs
in our little white country house

My sweetheart's got a South Mouth
when she's out with her girls
She doesn't care who hears her
as she plays with her curls n pearls
She can't help but be smartassy
to the all the cowboys in town
But when she's home with family
She's not some silly circus clown

She's a grand ol' time
at the honky tonk
She's as wild there
as a woman can be
But she's a prim
and proper housewife
Who loves her
daughters and even me

So when you hear her South Mouth
Don't let it fool ya she's a true lady
She's just blowin' off steam, havin' drinks
She's not permanently crazy

Nah, she's not permanently crazy.

July 2, 2022

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