Carhartt Hat

He looks at her
She looks away
He’s rackin’ his brain
On what to do and say
He’s a roughneck
But he’s a little shy
She thinks he’s just
Some hometown guy

But he’s been watching her
From the end of the bar
And he knows she’s
No model or movie star
Men are ogling her
Lovin’ her body and smile
She knows they only see
her for her Country style
But she’s much more than that
He knows there’s more to her
As he tips his Carhartt hat

She looks at him
Gives him a wink
He wants to give her
Everything and the kitchen sink
He’s a farmer
They’ve met before
Back when she would work
down at the Gold Crown store

And she’s been watching him
He’s at the end of the bar
And she’s thinkin’ he’s never
gonna get a fancy shiny car
The bartender flirts with him
But he don’t really care
Cause he’s distracted by
The girl standing down there
Eventually he strides up to her
Like a confident kitty cat
She sees the man inside of him
Underneath his Carhartt hat

They say you know who a man is
By the label he chooses to wear
Some don’t reveal too much and wear
A t shirt and jeans to the County Fair
But that boy knows his brand
Is the best at the local Farm and Fleet
The only thing he still needs now
Is work boots for his blue collar feet

I look at them
From the stage
I think to myself
This night’s a page
Those kids are writing
They have no choice
They’re falling in love
As they hear my voice

He’s holding her
He’s now making her his
I hope they work out
Maybe have a couple kids
Who’ll plow the fields
Out on the family farm
All because he chose
To touch her on the arm
Well look at that
She’s wearin’ it now
His brand new hat
She wears it so well
His Carhartt hat
His brand new
olive Carhartt hat

July 21, 2022

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