Soon Enough

I was twenty three
I liked this girl so much
I wanted her soft touch
And hold her close to me

But I had no game
She was seeing a guy
He was eagle, I was a firefly
In a jar wanting to to be free

In that push and pull relationship
I knew that something was wrong
But I didn’t care
I wasn’t scared
Cause I could write her a song
About how much I had fallen
And how much I would do
And I’d play it her someday
So she would know the truth
And I would call her bluff
Oh, and that day
Couldn’t come soon enough

Then I was twenty eight
She called me for a coffee date
I thought it might be fate
She was returning to me

She grew up, so did I
And when I saw her smile
Mem’ries flooded my mind
And it knew it was meant to be

That push and pull relationship
Changed into something right
And we shared
I wasn’t scared
Cause she stayed the night
And I played the song for her
Then she got so confused
About us and what we were
She told me her inner truth
I had called her on her bluff
She packed up
Couldn’t get out soon enough

I misjudged her intentions
I thought she’d seen the light
She turned to me for the real thing
Once they got into a blowout fight
But she didn’t see it my way
She said she liked the single life
I finally got what she was sayin’
She was never gonna be my wife

At the age of thirty two
We were given another chance
We did that wedding dance
She cherishes me tenderly
She treats me the same
as she did back when
It happened soon enough
Now we have a family

Yeah, it happened soon enough
Our loving, joyful, incredible family

August 21, 2022

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