American Woman and Man

He takes trains, planes, trucks or cars
Depending on where he travels to
He’s got his briefcase full of catalogs
Sales is something he’s born to do
He sells to people looking for answers
He sells for checks to send to his wife
Now, he’s just a money making machine
But he’s not having a wonderful life

So no wonder he drinks
No wonder he wants to heal his heart
Drinking at the affluent hotel bars
While he and his family live apart
He likes going home when he can
But he also loves living on the road
So no wonder he drinks
He’s the one carrying the load

And his wife back home understands
She keeps the house, does the chores
She knows her role and does it well
Washes the dishes, cleans the floors
She carefully manages their household
So the children can focus on school
But all the while she’s missing him
Her dedicated but exhausted fool

So no wonder she drinks
No wonder she wants to heal her heart
Card games and cocktails with friends
Ubers to and from the mini-mart
She likes seeing him when he’s there
But she loves him staying on the road
So no wonder she drinks
She’s a prisoner in their abode

They’re very different people
But they’re pretty much the same
They’ve been living like this for years
Since they’ve shared their last name

So no wonder they drink
Trapped themselves in their roles
Doing their best to provide for their kids
But it seems like they’ve sold their souls
They dream of sending them to college
They’re working as hard as they can
No wonder both drink
That American woman and man
That American woman and man

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