Rowdy Rednecks

Get yourself a rowdy redneck
To liven up the rest of your days
Fall in love with a rowdy redneck
To change your Yankee ways

They don’t compromise their terms
They laugh more than they cry
Marry a rugged rowdy redneck
They’ll be loyal to ya ‘til they die

Befriend a bunch’a rowdy rednecks
They’ll always have your back
Get drunk with rowdy rednecks
But don’t make fun of the gun rack

Or they’ll snap you like a twig
They’re moody but they’re fun
Oh, hang with the Rowdy Rednecks
You’ll find they’re not so dumb

They’ll teach you how to fish
They’ll beat your ass in darts
They’ll tell ya filthy jokes
And laugh at burps ‘n farts

You’ll find ‘em whoopin’ it up
In the town where you are
Oh, they’re the best,
Those Rowdy Rednecks –
Just Google “Local Country Bar”

They’ll be gettin’ hammered there
At your local crazy country bar


September 2, 2022

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