Queen of Beer

When she died
All the family rejoiced
She was in so much pain
They did a long stein-hoist
They cheered and hollered
They were anxious to hear
What they were inheriting
From the true Queen of Beer

There was cash
All the jewels and homes
And the antique furniture
Her volumes of poems
They drank all the whiskey
They didn’t cry a single tear
Her death was a blessing
To heirs of the Queen of Beer

As they read the will they wept
But they accepted it with grace
She was buried in a simple coffin
In a gown made of linen and lace
Just a cross was her grave marker
In the town where she was raised
The Christian school she attended
Were surprised and amazed
When they opened their envelope
And read the long note she wrote
They would receive her whole estate
Except the Summer Home and Boat

They all stayed Labor Day Weekend
But went sailing the following Spring
The adults had grown tired of the tradition
But the kids thought it was everything

They found her stash
In an large oak and cedar chest
They chose to not report it
To keep it secret would be best
Let’s just say they had enough
To maintain the home every year
They’re grateful forever for being
The heirs of the Queen of Beer

The Matriarch and Queen of Beer

September 13, 2022

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