Silver Lake Sweetie

Silver Lake sweetie with your eyes of blue
I’ve been waiting all of my life for you
Won’t you come home with me to meet
My Momma, Poppa, and Grandma too

You’ll like them and they’ll love you a lot
We’ll go out to Manresa beach if it’s hot
Won’t you pack your bags with me to see
What life is like in Santa Cruz County

I’ll take you to the Boardwalk for some fun
We’ll go to Gayle’s Bakery for cinnamon buns
And see all there is to see in my hometown
I’ll gladly hold your hand and show you around

Silver Lake sweetie with curly brown hair
One who’s lovely and really cares
Won’t you come with me to meet my family
I’ll take you everywhere up there and be
The best boyfriend so you might marry me

The best boyfriend so you might marry me
My independent, loving Silver Lake Sweetie

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