In the small town of Sagamon
Where the wind howls through the trees
Lived a man known by all
As the keeper of the keys
He guarded the ancient mansion
Where the wealthy once did reside
But now it stood abandoned
And many secrets did it hide

One day a stranger came to town
And asked about the place
He claimed he had a rightful claim
And would not be in disgrace
The keeper warned him sternly
That the mansion was cursed
And any who entered its walls
Were doomed to meet the worst

But the stranger paid no heed
And entered in the night
And the next day the town awoke
To a most dreadful sight
For the stranger lay dead and cold
Within the mansion's halls
And the townsfolk whispered fearfully
Of the curse upon them all

The keeper took it on himself
To solve the mystery true
For he knew the mansion's secrets
And he knew just what to do
He searched the rooms and corridors
And found a hidden door
That led down to a secret room
That none had seen before

There he found a treasure trove
Of riches and of gold
And a note that told a story
Of secrets long untold
The mansion once belonged
To a wealthy family line
But greed and jealousy consumed them
And drove them to decline

They turned on each other
In a deadly game of greed
And in the end, they perished
And none were left to lead
But they left behind a treasure
That none had ever found
And the curse upon the mansion
Was lifted from the ground

The keeper of the keys emerged
From the mansion with a smile
For he had solved the mystery
And solved it all the while
And the town of Sagamon
Knew peace once again
The keeper and the mansion
Were forever free from pain.

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