All My Wrongs

On the bench, out by the lighthouse
An ex-girlfriend and I sat down
It was a full moon and a clear night
Stars twinkled like the eyes of a clown

She looked at me with tears in her eyes
Said she was moving North somewhere
I told her don’t worry about it, she’d be fine
As I caressed her long, flowing chestnut hair

And we sat there for, it seemed like forever
The words flowed as waves crashed hard
I knew then and there she was torn apart
‘Cause I was her much cherished card
She told me to write something about her
I said I’d likely write about a hundred songs
About how I wished it could’ve been different
How I wished I could right all my wrongs

As the chill cut through our windbreakers
We both said at the same time, let’s go
So we hopped into her silver Acura sedan
And we went for a drive on 1 up the coast

We stopped at a little spot called Cameron’s
And we talked of our hopes and our plans
She said that it wouldn’t work between us
‘Cause she didn’t like all my favorite bands

And we sat there for, it seemed like forever
The words flowed as out truth crashed hard
She knew then and there I was torn apart
‘Cause she was my much needed card
She told me to remember the good times
I knew I’d be haunted by her wherever I went
‘Cause I wished it could’ve lasted forever
All my wrongs turned into time we spent

We closed the check and before we got outside
I said, “Don’t bother takin’ me back to Santa Cruz”
And she took off like a train to her destination
But I felt at the time I didn’t really win or lose

I don’t think I was at fault for her skippin’ town
She said I was to blame every time we fought
But the truth is, if you steal your lover’s peace
Make sure, my friend, you never get caught

Make sure, my friend, you never get caught

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