Hill She Wants To Die On

The hill she wants to die on
Overlooks as far as you can see
She’ll take her last breath up there
Then softly say goodbye to me
She doesn’t want to be in hospice
She won’t need all that morphine
‘Cause by then she will have suffered
Since she was about seventeen

The hill she wants to die on
Has no house, it’s undeveloped land
She’ll be miles from the Pacific Ocean
She won’t be laying on burning sand
She’d rather be up near the clouds
Where planes fly and so do birds
She yearns for me to hold her close
And whisper to her my sweet words

And I don’t want to go way up there
I’d rather just put her in a safe place
Where she’d be taken care of daily
Where a smile would be on her face
‘Cause while I think what she yearns for
That plot of land where we’ve gone
Is not an area ideal to pitch a tent
The breeze would blow away our supplies
Others would wonder where we went

The hill she wants to die on
Where I proposed, where she said yes
We can’t and won’t go back there now
I think and know it’s for the best
We’d have to take a chopper there
No cell service to call for a priest
And I know when she passes away
She’ll still feel loved and total peace

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