Grandpa’s Guitar Case

Upstairs in the cabin, I found it
right by the dresser in the corner
It had stickers of places he traveled to
where he said it was much warmer

I opened it up and pulled it out
His friend from decades past
What was in Grandpa's guitar case
was a legacy none of us will outlast

His heart and soul, tears and sweat
was in that wooden instrument
And I discovered at the bottom
a few letters my Grandma sent

Before they got engaged or married
When he was hoping for a big break
And he was living on toast and gravy
instead of carrots, potatoes and steak

When I read the letters I was weeping
'cause it all hit me like a southern storm
But my tears were in celebration
He found true love and got to perform

I hoped I'd find what they had one day
for if I didn't, life would be a waste
You could say the best he left me
was inside my Grandpa's guitar case.

August 12, 2023

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