You can find out more about my Songwriting career in the Backstory section!

I am attending Southern New Hampshire University and studying Communication with a Public Relations emphasis. With my love of promoting and Media Communications in Sports, Music, Film, and Business, I know I can be useful in those environments, working with companies and journalists.

I also love Photography and you can find my latest photos on Instagram via my link below.

My hobbies range from reading and learning more about Pop Culture, Punk as a Subculture and Music Scene, Golf, Country & Pop Music, and Travel. I write a column called “Redbird Country” where I give my insights about Midwestern Culture and Local Places of Interest (Bloomington-Normal, IL)

I played Tennis in High School and Freshman year at Cabrillo College. Still love the game, I just cannot play anymore, unfortunately. The reason why I cannot play has to do with my knees and yep, I need surgery. Hopefully, I can get them fixed soon. It would be pretty fun to get out on the court again. Until then, I am a strong supporter of the USTA and Tennis in local schools.

To Potential Co-writers:

It’s really important you know that the lyrics on this website are invitations for collaboration. They are not completely finished but they are inviting your manipulation to change as a co-writer and songwriter.

This is the way I write. This is me asking you to join me in finishing the songs.

You can find me on LinkedIn and please connect! I love expanding my network!

Matthew Kenneth Gray