You can find out more about my Songwriting career in the Backstory section!

Lifelong Learning and Work/Life Balance:

My hobbies range from reading and learning more about Pop Culture, Punk as a Subculture and Music Scene, Golf, Country & Pop Music, and Local Tourism & Travel. I write a column called “Redbird Country” where I give my insights about Midwestern Culture and Local Places of Interest (Bloomington-Normal, IL)

I also love Photography and you can find my latest photos on Instagram via the link below.

New Job!

I’ve just been hired to work as a Valet/Shuttle Driver/Bellman at the very successful Uptown Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. This was possible after working as an Uber/Lyft Driver for over 6 years. Before my wife and I got married, I worked at Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, so I am familiar with the value of excellent customer service and the Hospitality Business. I’ve often thought that happiness in a job has to do with fulfillment in life. When you do what you love, life seems to flow a lot easier. That’s what I’m really about and I hope it always shows in how I live and work.

To Potential Co-writers:

It’s really important you know that the lyrics on this website are invitations for collaboration. They are not completely finished but they are inviting your manipulation to change as a co-writer and songwriter.

This is the way I write. This is me asking you to join me in finishing the songs.

You can find me on LinkedIn and please connect! I love expanding my network!

Matthew Kenneth Gray

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