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A Songwriter’s Wage

A Wedding Song

Adulting Blues

All I Need Now is the Fish

All In

All Kidding Aside

All My Reckless Habits

All My Wrongs

All The World’s a Cliche’

All These Waves Are Mine

All Yours Tonight

Amazing True Love, Please

American Songster

American Woman and Man

Amesti Angel

Amesti Road

And Then I Met You

Annie & Riley

At The Lake House

Avid Sports Fan


Baby Let’s Horse Around

Back Burner Girl

Back to Downieville

Back to Seascape

Back to the Basics With You

Back When We Began

Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate

Ballad of Sugar Booger & Ellie Mae

Baseball On My Brain

Beach in Seabright

Beloved, Be Happy and Leave

Better Off With Me

Better Plans

Better to Lose the Saddle


Between Jobs Again

BloNo Blues

Blue Blazes

Boy Back Home

Boys From Her Hometown

Brand New Ball Game

Bro Country 101

Brother, Can You Spare a Hundred Grand?

Brother From Another Mother


California Vacayday

Camping With Gramps

Can After Can


Carhartt Hat

Chasing You

Chest Thumpin’ Patriot

Chocolate Covered Banana

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Meet-Cute Song

Come Write a Love Story With Me

Cookout Chips

Cooler by the Lake

Cornholing With You

Country Club Members

Courage in a Glass

Courtin’ Proper

Crush Mode

Crushing Crush

Cute Klutzy Girl


Darker Shade of Blue

Dash Between The Years

Dead Inside

Doctor Demento Show

Don’t Do It, My Dear

Don’t Forget Your Key

Don’t You Dare Break Her Heart


Downtown Santa Cruz

Drinking Himself to Death

Drinking My Feelings Away


Etiquette Nazis

Everlasting Romance

Everyone Has A Past


Farm Town Boy

Fish Out of Water

Foolish Expectations

For Old Friends

Friends Live On In You

From April to August

From Time to Time


Get Out of Town

Get Your Hand Off My Beer

Ghosted Again

Give Me Some Hugs

God Bless The Bluebird Cafe

Good God, I Love You

Good Luck, Godspeed, Goodbye

Good Old Fashioned Southern Gal

Goomba Town

Guide Me, God

Grinding the Corn


Halloween in Haddonfield

Hardcore Country A**holes

Have You Smelled His Fingers Lately?

Healing The Hurt Inside

Hear Me Out

He Doesn’t Know

He’s Breaking You

He’s Choosing You

He’s Got A Townie Now

He’s Way Out There

Here, Take My Bike

High School Her

Hillbillies Have All The Fun

Home Cooked Chow

Horse Loving Sweetheart

How Will It End?

How You Will Know She’s Her


I Believe Her Now

I Can’t Do This Anymore

I Couldn’t Agree With You More – (Lisa Aschmann/Matthew K Gray) Arr. Pete Pidgeon

I Don’t Worry Now

I Hit the Jackpot With You

I Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up With You

I Just Want My Brother Back

I Know What You Did In High School

I Left My Heart In Riverdale (Archie’s Song)

I Wanna Go Fast With You

I Wish I Was In Santa Cruz

If I Cried

If I Had More Money

If I Only Had a Truck

If I Sleep Tonight

If I Was Completely Up to You

If This Ain’t Winnin’, Losin’ Ain’t So Bad

If We Had To Say Goodbye

I’m Big on You

I’m Inside of You

I’m No Garth Brooks, But…

I’m No Longer Nostalgic For You

I’m OK With You

In That Cowboy’s Arms

In The Hamptons

In The Shed

Is It True You’re Single Again?

It All Turns Out For The Best

It May Have Been a Shithole (But It Was Home)

It’s Harder Than It Looks

It’s What You Did Right


Jimmy Buffett Kind of a Mood

John Denver Song

Just Your Turn


Kathleen of Fiddler’s Green


Keepin’ Secrets

Kenny’s Advice

Kentucky Bourbon Eyes

Khaki Wacky Woman of Mine

Kid With a Dream

Kitty Likes to Scratch


Lake In Our Hair

Let’s Stay Inside Tonight

Life’s Better Now

Life’s Too Short To Feel Like Crap


Lighthearted Love

Long Gone With The Breeze

Looks Like You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Lovable Goofball

Love Let Me Sleep

Loving Kindness




Mama, He’s Not Right

Man I Feel Like Crap Today

Mansion on the Mountain

May You Prosper Greatly

Maybe It’s Just My Boner

Me and my Rotgut Whiskey

Meadow in the Moonlight


Midwestern Mama

Might I Suggest Some Sleep

Moments That Matter to Me

More Cowbell

More than a Hookup

Moreland Notre Dame (Class of 1983)

Muddin’ With Me

My First Time at Prom

My Springsteen Phase

My Useless Talent


Nashville, Tennessee

Never the Same After You

Nipple Chills

NorCal Country Gal

Normal Christmas

Not a Big Deal

Not Quite Done

Not So Wise

Now That She’s Got My Heart


Obsessed With Kelly

Oh Steubenville

Old-Money Man

On Friday She Wears Red

On The Cover of People Magazine

On Virginia Street

One Day

One Hell of a Song

One Who Got Me Totally

Our Family Rules

Our Moonlight Swim


Parents’ Home Date

Partly Cloudy Skies

Pearl Jam’s Secret Show, ’93

People We Know

Pinto Lake

Philophobia Blues

Please Come Again

Please Help

Ponyboy’s Poem

Porch Swing Date (Part 1)

Preppy Coastal Town


Queen of Beer


RC and a Moonpie

Real McCoy

Red Man Man

Redneck Stuff

Regrets of a Gone Girl

Relentless Party Chick

Revolving Door of Her Heart

Rich-Rich Redneck

Rowdy Rednecks


Sally’s Tale

Same Old Thing

Second in Command

Set Me Up With You

Settle Down Cowgirl

Sex Might Help

She Almost Had Me There

She Did Her Thing

She Knows How

She Loves Truckin’

She Murdered Me

She Wanted That Cowboy

She’ll Come To You

She’s Datin’ a Bad Boy

She’s Got an iPhone

She’s Looking For a Fat Boy

She’s Not Foolin’ Me Now

Should’ve Been Toby Keith

Skin In Your Game

Smart Guy

Smarter Than You

Sneaky Cheaters

Social Me, Silent You

Soon Enough

Sorority Gal

South Mouth

Stacie Miller

Stealin’ Tomorrows

Suburban Cowboy Wannabe

Summer’s Such a Bummer Without You

Sweet Oahu

Sweet Tea Sunset

Sweetheart From Soquel


That Cowboy’s Rare

That Freezing Rain Guy

That Kind of Love That’s Right

That Nashville Night

That’s Watsonville

The Admirer

The Better Thing To Do

The Boy In Me

The Characters I Create

The Crystal Lake Blues

The Death of Me and You

The Drama of the Gifted Child

The Early Eighties

The Emigrant Gap Bandit

The Empath

The Final Cut

The First Time We Went Out

The Fool Who Did Her Wrong

The Girl Who Changed My Mind

The Girls on the Porch

The Jewish Life

The Kind of Love That’ll Never Leave

The Long, Long Crusade

The Movie We Made

The Ocean Is No Better Than The Lake

The One Before The One

The One Who Got Away From You

The Proposal Song

The Rebel

The Regular

The Road to You

The Songs We Love To Hear

The Songs We Wrote That Summer

The Songwriter’s Daughter

The Thing That Feels Right

The Truth About Me and You

The Two of You

The Whole Time I Knew

There Went That Plan

There’s No Shame In Being A Country Boy

These Bonus Years

They Might Be Jealous

They Might Be Townies

Thing For Redneck Men

Things We Did Last Winter


To the Lake and Back

Topics That Trigger Me

Trippin’ On Tabbouleh (Sung to the tune of “Trippin’ Down the Freeway” by Weezer)

Troubled Teen

Trucker’s Hat and a Farmer’s Tan

True Love Stays

Trust Me I’m Fine

Tune About Tennessee

Twenty Years Is Not Enough


Unburden Me, Sweetheart

Unfunny Boy


Very Much


Wallet In The Snow

Warm and Neighborly Woman

Way Back When Again

We Could Be a Thing

We Need To Go There Tonight

We’ve Been There, Too

Weddings Page

Weekend Wheels

Weird Hyper Kid

Welcome to Being Married to Me

Well-Spoken Woman

Went Against Their Wishes

What Have You Done With Her?

What The River Does

What Time Can’t Erase

What Will We Do Without Willie?

What’ll Happen When They Love Him?

What’ll It Be, Charlie?

When Daddy’s Drunk

When I Got a Whiff of You

When I Was Alive

When It Comes to Shaving

When She Chose You

When She Laughs At Me

When She Walks Away

When We Make Love She Cries

When We’re Well To Do

Where Her Legs Begin

Where My Heart Comes From

Where’s My Veronica?

While I Was Waiting

Whiling Away

Whistling Dixie in the Dark

Who Am I To Complain?

Who He Has

Who That Woman Is To Me

Who Will She Be Today?


Wicked Good Life

Wild Turkey

Workin’ on a New One


Years Ago

You Decided to Play

You Should Be With Me (Steak ‘n Shake Song)

You Should Have Seen Your Face

You Won’t Be Seeing Me Again

You’re a Match

You’re My Hometown Now

Your Freshman Year

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine


Contact Info:

Matthew Kenneth Gray, President
1403 Keller Road #B
Normal, IL 61761

D: (309) 310-4096

All Works (C) 2017 – 2023, AZWESO SONGS, LLC (ASCAP) unless noted. Collaborators on song lyrics are included within the posts.

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