He was his aftershave, he wore Mom’s favorite – Bay Rum He was his passion, coaching – Great advice, he gave me some He was his religion, a Catholic through and through He was his parents who survived the Depression & World War II He was that one room schoolhouse he went to – EmigrantContinue reading “KDG”

How You Will Know She’s Her

She’ll share a secret with you And it’ll surprise even her She’ll focus on the way you are Instead of the way you were She’ll know how you like your food She’ll get your coffee order right To find out if you’re dateable She’ll see what you’re doin’ Saturday Night How you will know she’sContinue reading “How You Will Know She’s Her”

Good Luck, Godspeed, Goodbye

The wedding dress her Mama and she picked out was hanging on her childhood bedroom door It was the big day she’d been planning She didn’t have to wait for it anymore She looked out the wet window and asked herself “Rain’s supposed to be a good sign, right?” She then walked down the stairsContinue reading “Good Luck, Godspeed, Goodbye”