At The Lake House

It’s warm in this place when it’s cold outside I’m still here at the lake house where we met We were just kids but it seems like yesterday It was a moment frozen in time I won’t forget You had a bright big smile and laughed at me I was quiet and shy but notContinue reading “At The Lake House”

I Just Want My Brother Back

We would go down to the creek and dip our feet in Those were just little walks but are good memories I remember he was the one who told me about them busy hummingbirds and bumblebees He’d let me go through all his records and tapes I’d spend hours studying the liner notes and learnContinue reading “I Just Want My Brother Back”

Camping with Gramps

We were born in the city Didn’t know a Rainbow Trout from a Bass and we grew up going to different schools and attending mass But our parents agreed to let us spend time in LaPorte We weren’t at a sleepaway or some high-class fancy resort We were with my Dad’s Mom & Dad TheyContinue reading “Camping with Gramps”

Hillbillies Have All The Fun

They’re happier than dead pigs in sunshine with their trucks and their ice cold beer They love muddin’, huntin’ ‘n ‘fishin’ and sippin’ on some Kentucky clear They love workin’ with heavy equipment They’d do it if they never got paid Farmers daughters fall fast for ’em though they’re greasy like pomade Hillbillies have allContinue reading “Hillbillies Have All The Fun”

Whistling Dixie in the Dark

Out by where we used to go trout fishing Beyond the valley, we hiked to get there As soon as the scent of pine hit our noses we thought we had no reason to despair We set up camp and get a small fire going ’cause it would be freezing out by sundown And weContinue reading “Whistling Dixie in the Dark”

All I Need Now is the Fish (Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy)

Out on this fishin’ boat this mornin’ Wearin’ this bright orange vest Spent yesterday preparin’ Last night I got plenty of rest Got my Ugly Stick rod and reel My Folgers can is filled with bait Just loaded my Eagle Claw hook Cast my line, and now I wait All I need now is theContinue reading “All I Need Now is the Fish (Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy)”