Category: Inspired by a Book

  • Ponyboy’s Poem

    Inspired by S.E. Hinton’s book “The Outsiders” My brothers are at odds with each other But I wouldn’t trade them out for anyone I’m grateful for greasers who are my family I’m proud of Tulsa, the city I’m from But my pride was tarnished by the Socs It was foolish of me to walk alone […]

  • Stealin’ Tomorrows

    Verse 1: She wasn’t lookin’ for anyone that night She just needed somewhere to chill So she took an Uber with a girlfriend and they met up with their friend Jill At a popular dive bar in the country They bought a pitcher & played pool In walked a bad boy with a couple buddies […]

  • Same Old Thing

    You ask me how I’m doing Well, it’s been the same old thing Just got back from Va-Ca in C.A. Plannin’ another getaway in the Spring My tennis has gotten rather sloppy ‘n marriage has been intense I’ve recently taken up collectin’ pens ‘n tryin’ to find a good color for our fence Same Old […]

  • Goomba Town

    Men’s men all around The sweetest women can be found It’s like livin’ on Italian ground There, in Goomba Town It’s the place to be if you’re from beloved Sicily They’ll treat you like family There, in Goomba Town They’re far from bein’ gangsters you see in those movies and on TV But the actors […]

  • The Drama of the Gifted Child

    It starts when you’re in kindergarten You’re different from the rest of the pack You empathize with all your friends There’s something in you that they lack So with each year, you learn more and more To you, it’s like they’re all falling behind You’ve been gifted with something special It’s an artistic and curious […]