Regrets of a Gone Girl

He changed his name before he moved there, So no one would find him in that town He tried to keep a hidden profile Found a quick job and settled down And soon as things got comfortable All of a sudden, she appeared Right there on his apartment doorstep And he asked, “What are youContinue reading “Regrets of a Gone Girl”

Ponyboy’s Poem

Inspired by S.E. Hinton’s book “The Outsiders” My brothers are at odds with each other But I wouldn’t trade them out for anyone I’m grateful for greasers who are my family I’m proud of Tulsa, the city I’m from But my pride was tarnished by the Socs It was foolish of me to walk aloneContinue reading “Ponyboy’s Poem”

Halloween in Haddonfield

Parents go out and leave their kids at home With hot looking babysitters who mess around Their boyfriends arrive when the kids are asleep And they try not to make any big sounds Maybe they decided to watch a scary movie Maybe they’re drinkin’ beer n gettin” high They’re likely dry humpin’ in the familyContinue reading “Halloween in Haddonfield”

What Have You Done With Her?

V1 Believe it or not, I’m not angry at you for whatever it is you two have done She doesn’t know I’m meeting you here She thinks I’ve come to the city for fun I’m sure you’re wonderin’ how I know The way I found out about your affair There was a day a coupleContinue reading “What Have You Done With Her?”

Cute Klutzy Girl

There she is Walkin’ down the hall She’s kinda shy Also skinny & tall She doesn’t know I’ve liked her from afar She’s the funniest girl I’ve ever known And she writes songs on her guitar Cute klutzy girl She’s so awkward like me I wonder if she walks home alone And if she’s boyfriend-freeContinue reading “Cute Klutzy Girl”