Porch Swing Date (Part 1)

They were both in Junior High School She was a few months older than him She lived in a small town called Aromas She was Jenny and his name was Tim Tim was living on a property off Vega Road Not too far from her parents’ place They met each other on the school busContinue reading “Porch Swing Date (Part 1)”

Doctor Demento Show

Dedicated to Barret Hansen When I think I was about eleven or twelve years old My brother got me hooked on the Doctor Demento show I’d stay up Sunday Night just to hear funny songs and I’d record them on cassette from the radio He played songs like Dead Puppies and Wet Dream Artists likeContinue reading “Doctor Demento Show”

Moreland Notre Dame

I dreamed of fortune and fame I had no sense of shame I worked hard on my game At Moreland Notre Dame There was much I overcame Cruel jokes about my name My heart was set aflame At Moreland Notre Dame I still remember it all Like it was yesterday The incense, The cafeteria WhatContinue reading “Moreland Notre Dame”

Cute Klutzy Girl

There she is Walkin’ down the hall She’s kinda shy Also skinny & tall She doesn’t know I’ve liked her from afar She’s the funniest girl I’ve ever known And she writes songs on her guitar Cute klutzy girl She’s so awkward like me I wonder if she walks home alone And if she’s boyfriend-freeContinue reading “Cute Klutzy Girl”