There Went That Plan

Now that she’s told me, the air is clear She’s chosen to move out, and I’m drinkin’ this beer Soul searchin’ the reasons why I’m not her man There goes my baby, there went that plan We gave it our best effort, all that we had Instead of workin’, it turned out so bad IContinue reading “There Went That Plan”

Second in Command

You’re the craziest woman I’ll ever know But I really don’t want you to go ’cause I love hearing your point of view and I promise I won’t ever leave you I see the beauty of you behind your eyes Inside of you is a soul that is wise From what you’ve said I thinkContinue reading “Second in Command”

Sweet Tea Sunset

Sweet tea sunset With her by my side Out on the front porch Our smiles are wide The kids are playing before it gets dark Sweet tea sunset and this trailer park Most of our family say we’re not rich They look at our home and start to twitch But we love it here It’sContinue reading “Sweet Tea Sunset”

The Early Eighties

I wasn’t of age to drink But I was old enough to drive Every time I left my hometown I felt independent and alive Met girls up in the city While clubbin’ late at night I’d get home in the mornin’ Then my parents and I would fight In the early Eighties I wasn’t anContinue reading “The Early Eighties”

Who Am I To Complain?

Took a walk on the path we’d stroll down The wind in my palm replaced your hand I closed my eyes and fondly remembered when we kissed as teens on the sand And I thought about the memories we made I reflected on the good times we had then Tears weaved their way down myContinue reading “Who Am I To Complain?”

When I Got a Whiff of You

I was in a diner on a Tuesday at noon Saw you waiting there alone to be seated You were so cheerful and happy to see me We had lunch together and you treated You talked about what was going on and I told you what I was up to We found out our schedulesContinue reading “When I Got a Whiff of You”

Annie & Riley

He was sitting under a tree with a journal on his knee and writing another line Up walked Annie Jean with hair so fine and clean to talk with him under that Georgia pine She said, “Hi, I’m Annie Jean You know my friend Kathleen We all are in the same English class” He said,Continue reading “Annie & Riley”

I’m Inside of You

When you wonder if you’ll make it through When you ponder the reasons why When you discover a fault of yours When you are barely getting by When you see what lies ahead on your path and you’re not sure what you’ll do At every single depressing time in your life know that I’m insideContinue reading “I’m Inside of You”

Camping with Gramps

We were born in the city Didn’t know a Rainbow Trout from a Bass and we grew up going to different schools and attending mass But our parents agreed to let us spend time in LaPorte We weren’t at a sleepaway or some high-class fancy resort We were with my Dad’s Mom & Dad TheyContinue reading “Camping with Gramps”