I’m Inside of You

When you wonder if you’ll make it through When you ponder the reasons why When you discover a fault of yours When you are barely getting by When you see what lies ahead on your path and you’re not sure what you’ll do At every single depressing time in your life know that I’m insideContinue reading “I’m Inside of You”

Camping with Gramps

We were born in the city Didn’t know a Rainbow Trout from a Bass and we grew up going to different schools and attending mass But our parents agreed to let us spend time in LaPorte We weren’t at a sleepaway or some high-class fancy resort We were with my Dad’s Mom & Dad TheyContinue reading “Camping with Gramps”

All Kidding Aside (The Mama’s Boy Song)

I’ve always been a jokester The class clown, The life-coaster The kid in the back lookin’ out the window And when I got to High School I was the scrawny geek in the pool who was awkward, teased ‘n called a weirdo The girls liked me but didn’t see me that way I was aContinue reading “All Kidding Aside (The Mama’s Boy Song)”


He was his aftershave, he wore Mom’s favorite – Bay Rum He was his passion, coaching – Great advice, he gave me some He was his religion, a Catholic through and through He was his parents who survived the Depression & World War II He was that one room schoolhouse he went to – EmigrantContinue reading “KDG”