Looks Like You Don’t Love Me Anymore

I call you up on your Samsung Note That never leaves your side And instead of clicking answer You decide to hide Behind a message back to me Saying you’re too busy to talk You suggest I rent a movie Or go out for a walk I send you flowers every week But I’ve seenContinue reading “Looks Like You Don’t Love Me Anymore”

What Time Can’t Erase (The Promise)

We were holding on to that promise we made When we were in the Seventh Grade We had been walking along Singing a sweet song Thinking our friendship wouldn’t fade But as we grew older Our lives turned upside down Someone out of the blue Gave you a crown And he took you far YouContinue reading “What Time Can’t Erase (The Promise)”

Cute Klutzy Girl

There she is Walkin’ down the hall She’s kinda shy Also skinny & tall She doesn’t know I’ve liked her from afar She’s the funniest girl I’ve ever known And she writes songs on her guitar Cute klutzy girl She’s so awkward like me I wonder if she walks home alone And if she’s boyfriend-freeContinue reading “Cute Klutzy Girl”

Let’s Stay Inside Tonight

It’s near 20 below freezing outside Frankly, I don’t want you out of my sight So what do you say, my sugar plum fairy? Let’s stay inside tonight The fire’s blazing and here’s that Toddy Out the back window, we only see white What do you say, my sweet Swedish dumplin’? Let’s stay inside tonightContinue reading “Let’s Stay Inside Tonight”