Belly to Belly, Lips to Lips, Nose to Nose

Just ’cause I’m a Farm boy from California Just ’cause I was raised Middle Class Just ’cause I didn’t finish college Just ’cause I’m not a fan of smokin’ grass I’m a no manscaped city lovin’ kid I’m no Regular Joe or well-to-do But if you gave me a chance For a little sweet ‘nContinue reading “Belly to Belly, Lips to Lips, Nose to Nose”

Parents’ Home Date

The popcorn’s made, it’s in a white plastic bowl It’s a home date, he’s gotta keep it under control He’s gotta show her he cares, but stay kinda cool but she’s already changed into a suit for the pool He picked out a movie, she wants to go swimmin’ She’s flirty like a lot ofContinue reading “Parents’ Home Date”

Maybe It’s Just My Boner

When I was younger than I am now I’d get erections all the time In classrooms and bathrooms The feeling was very sublime So it’s weird now that I’m older ‘Cause my dick doesn’t go up much these days Even when I’m not attracted to the girl it decides to go against my heart andContinue reading “Maybe It’s Just My Boner”

Muddin’ With Me

I know you’re a rich chick and everything Your Dad, he owns a bunch of real estate And your Mom, well she looked at me funny When I said to her I wanna take you on a date Not to some fancy high-class restaurant Or some romantic comedy you wanna see I wanna go doContinue reading “Muddin’ With Me”

Where Her Legs Begin

There’s a great big world right next to me And I know you know what I’m talkin’ about She cleans it every morning of the week So it doesn’t smell like Rainbow Trout And she loves it when I give it attention She gets so happy and her smile’s so wide It’s a special kindContinue reading “Where Her Legs Begin”