Mom and Dad took a trip to Maui I was all alone for a few days Gary said we’d throw a party And for it, I’d get high praise Don’t know how many were invited But it got out of hand pretty fast Word of mouth was how it got out Everyone but me hadContinue reading “Maui”

What’ll Happen When They Love Him?

He’s writin’ a lot, givin’ it all he’s got He gets up at the crack of dawn to go work on song after song and I worry ’bout him while he’s gone He’s playin’ everywhere, like County Fairs and honky-tonks who love his stuff I know I’m probably wrong but I think I’m now hisContinue reading “What’ll Happen When They Love Him?”

I’m Inside of You

When you wonder if you’ll make it through When you ponder the reasons why When you discover a fault of yours When you are barely getting by When you see what lies ahead on your path and you’re not sure what you’ll do At every single depressing time in your life know that I’m insideContinue reading “I’m Inside of You”

Amazing True Love, Please

After sampling your menu of life, waitress And trying to figure out what I really want Let me order that super exclusive dish you serve at this fantastic and fine restaurant I’d like to start out with some orange juice I know it does wonders for how I feel And I’ll also have a cupContinue reading “Amazing True Love, Please”

Whiling Away

Snow flurries outside and we’re not out there You’re in my arms now, saying it’s not fair We had places to go and people to see But today is to be shared between you and me The chores are finished, the laundry is done The tempting thing to do is call someone This is whatContinue reading “Whiling Away”

I Know What You Did In High School

I know what you did in High School I know who you really were You were filled with gallant bravado But you were also very immature You made fun of everyone behind their backs and you fondled almost all of those girls I know what you did in High School You stole my Mom’s freshwaterContinue reading “I Know What You Did In High School”