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Mom and Dad took a trip to Maui
I was all alone for a few days
Gary said we’d throw a party
And for it, I’d get high praise

Don’t know how many were invited
But it got out of hand pretty fast
Word of mouth was how it got out
Everyone but me had a blast

Our dog Joey got out of our yard
Our rotary phone disappeared
A plant fell off the microwave
And that’s when things got weird

I found some girl in my parents room
Trying on Mom’s dresses and shoes
Someone got into my brother’s records
Everyone drank all the booze

It smelled funny in the main bath
The fire poker walked out the door
Someone was locked in my bedroom
There was trash all over the floor

Cops showed up and were speechless
I was ashamed by how bad it looked
They didn’t charge anyone with anything
But I was sure my goose was cooked

My parents got home from Maui
They grounded me for a little while
It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done
But when I think about it now, I smile


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What’ll Happen When They Love Him?

He’s writin’ a lot, givin’ it all he’s got
He gets up at the crack of dawn
to go work on song after song
and I worry ’bout him while he’s gone

He’s playin’ everywhere, like County Fairs
and honky-tonks who love his stuff
I know I’m probably wrong
but I think I’m now his willing pawn

I wonder what’ll happen when they love him
When I have to share him with all of his fans
What’ll happen when he’s tempted to stray
and meet all of his band’s groupies’ demands?
Will he be true to the commitment we made?
Will he still love me like he does right now?
Oh Lord, what’ll happen when they love him?
Wish I could see into the future somehow

When we met he was livin’ in a small town
and I lived in this big ol’ city all alone
We’d sit at our PC’s and chat via AOL
and he’d tell me his dreams on the phone

But somethin’ happened when we got married
It’s like he cares more about his music than me
Yet still here I am holdin’ all of this inside
Prayin’ he’s never prayin’ to be single and free

Chorus 2:
I wonder what’ll happen when they love him
Will he toss me aside like all of the rest?
What will he sacrifice to go for that brass ring
To be one of Country Music USA’s best?
Will they take him away on a neverending tour
and I’ll find out he’s been cheatin’ on TV?
Oh Lord, what will happen when they love him?
Will he be that man I hope he will be?

Oh Lord, will he be the man I hope he will be?

(From the Trunk)

I had sent this to a high-level Music Executive earlier this year. It is definitely a “scene” in progress. I could see it as part of a Musical. I think he replied with advice so it was lost in my emails.

Until now.


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I’m Inside of You

When you wonder if you’ll make it through
When you ponder the reasons why
When you discover a fault of yours
When you are barely getting by

When you see what lies ahead on your path
and you’re not sure what you’ll do
At every single depressing time in your life
know that I’m inside of you

Waiting to be uncovered
Waiting with bated breath
I’m inside of you forever
Even beyond your death
Hand it all over to me
All your worries and fear
Dig deep within
That’s where I’ve been
Ready to make
those things disappear

When all the pain you felt has gone away
You will doubt me and it will return
but I’ll be there to destroy your thoughts
and soon enough you will indeed learn

Whatever you do and wherever you go
I’ll remain even when you think it’s untrue
It’s not difficult for you to call for help
Just acknowledge I’m inside of you

Waiting to bring miracles to your soul
Waiting to empower you and make you strong
Even when you think you don’t deserve it at all
Know that what comes from within isn’t wrong

I am your song,
so sing me
I’m in your family
and those you don’t love too
Proof you need is
the love you give them
that is created because
I’m inside of you

Proof you need is
the love you give them
that is created because
I’m inside of you.
I’m inside of you…
I’m inside….

2003, Revised – 2018

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Amazing True Love, Please

After sampling your menu of life, waitress
And trying to figure out what I really want
Let me order that super exclusive dish you serve
at this fantastic and fine restaurant

I’d like to start out with some orange juice
I know it does wonders for how I feel
And I’ll also have a cup of coffee with,
’cause it always kicks me in gear during a meal

Now I’d like it with pepper
because it makes me sneeze
I’ll have a nice big helping
of your amazing true love, please

I’ve tried much of what I could order here
Your one night stand is pretty darn good
And I’ve loved your voyeurism
since our days of long ago childhood

My opinion of your distant admiration
is that it satisfies me for a while
And the side of idolization
sometimes makes me smile

Don’t give me the excuse you’ve run out
’cause I see others having a similar thing
And please don’t say I’m not worth it
Of your atmosphere and great service I sing

Don’t make me sit here and beg
I’m hoping I don’t have to get on my knees
To have you write this down as my order
then take me in your loving arms
for your amazing true love, please

I’d love your amazing, blazing, true love, please!

2003 – Revised, 2017

Lyrics Notes: Written at Mel’s Diner in West Hollywood, CA.

From The Trunk, Love, Nostalgia, Romance, Verse Poetry, Women

Weddings Page

Every week. I look through the paper
And somehow, I can’t avoid the weddings page
I investigate each couple’s story thoroughly
And wonder when it’ll be my time to engage

For they all look so very happy
They all seem ready and thrilled
They all know that for the rest of their lives
Their dreams will completely be fulfilled

I just hope I’m as blessed as they are someday
I just hope she and I find each other and know
Like each of those couples on the weddings page
They trust and believe in the ongoing flow

When I put down the paper & get on with the day
I think of what could happen and what will not
And I long for love to knock on my door ASAP
I’d like the iron to strike while I’m still hot

I know it will but I have my doubts as well
To be alone is to never live a life that’s unselfish
Something’s been missing, I know it deep inside
The one who will grant me this persistent wish

So as I take the public transportation
Or when I’m on an airplane staring at the sky
I’m really praying that’s the time she’ll notice me
And she will no longer feel so shy

While I look over and I wink and smile
She will hopefully think I’m worth her while
And not judge me for my looks or hourly wage
She’ll borrow my paper to look at the weddings page

And then we could start a comfortable conversation
We’d figure each other out and laugh until we cried
Maybe we’d end up discovering that night or day
That for life, we are meant to be side by side.

August, 1999

I got an email from Melanie out of the blue one day way after I wrote this poem. She had found me on Yahoo Profiles and made fun of my picture because it looked like I had a tree for a hat. I thought that was a cute line. We kept an online conversation going on for a year, then we met in person. When we met, I cracked a joke about us being MKG squared if we were to get married. I don’t know if it’s timing, or fate or whatever, but in all the research I found out that it’s also chemical – and even now, after close to 13 years of marriage, I am still thrilled she chose me. We have two gorgeous girls and I hope that whoever they choose in their life, they go with their inner pilot light. It made all the difference for us. No matter where we live, I can’t deny her. Good luck single friends. It may be a long journey for you, but true love does wait.

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From Time to Time

From time to time
I feel like writing a song
A song to cheer me up
It doesn’t take me long
And I think about why
Why I have this need
Why I’ll be in the garden
And point out the weed

From time to time
I look at what I want
Where I long to be
As I chew on a croissant
And I think of the ways
I could turn it around
I could stay on my pills
Or I could get myself a hound

From time to time
I hear the answers inside
But I can’t open the door
I collect the tears I’ve cried
And I think about what we’ve done
The things we’ve yet to do
But the most important thought
Is the love I have for you
It’s the love I have for you.


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Whiling Away

Snow flurries outside and we’re not out there
You’re in my arms now, saying it’s not fair
We had places to go and people to see
But today is to be shared between you and me

The chores are finished, the laundry is done
The tempting thing to do is call someone
This is what we are meant to do today
All is OK, as we’re whiling away

Whiling away the day
Making it last
Forgetting the future
And mistakes from our past
Let’s just enjoy it
Again, we will play
For now, let’s focus
On whiling away

Winter is here now, this will happen again
You say Dammitall to this and I say Amen
Yippee, Hallelujah, and Hooray
Because with you, I’ll be whiling away

Whiling away the day
Until beddy-bye
Sometimes we’ll be grounded
Sometimes we’ll fly
It’s a skill to master
And add to our resume
Such a gift we can treasure
Whiling away

Such a gift we can treasure
Whiling away.

2003, Revised 2017

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Our Family Rules

Our family rules
Our family rules
Your family drools
Cause our family rules

We sing songs in the car
About drinking beer
And if you don’t like us
We best get outta here

We’re loud and obnoxious
We fight and do drugs
We’re loyal like our dogs
We’re like a big ol band of thugs

Our family rules
Our family rules
Your family drools
Cause our family rules

We go huntin’ and fishin’
We have the same tattoo
It’s of a small skull and crossbones
We aren’t well to do

We just go town to town
And raise all kinds of heck
Campin’ and stealin’
And grillin’ out on our deck

We don’t know why you don’t like us
So it’s best we don’t care
You do your thing and we’ll do ours
We’ll soon be out of your hair

Our family rules
Our family rules
Your family drools
Cause our family rules


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I Know What You Did In High School

I know what you did in High School
I know who you really were
You were filled with gallant bravado
But you were also very immature
You made fun of everyone behind their backs
and you fondled almost all of those girls
I know what you did in High School
You stole my Mom’s freshwater pearls

I know what you did in High School
I know how, where, when & why
I know when you were telling the truth
and when you were telling a lie
I know all about that one night
when everyone in your house went to bed
And how you climbed out the window
I never believed what you said

Told the cops you were at your girlfriend’s place
That was a fabrication, you weren’t with her
‘Cause she and I saw you on Martinelli Street
She had been wondering where you were
I asked her if she wanted me to turn around
She said, “No, let’s not make a scene”
If we did, she said you would have lost your mind
She told me how you were always mean

I know what you did in High School
and all the girls you hurt so bad
Each one of them privately confided in me
They all said you were very sad
One of them was wearing my Mom’s necklace
Then I couldn’t deny what was true
I know what you did in High School
The thief who broke into our house was you

The thief who broke into our house was you.

2016, Revised 2017.