Kathleen of Fiddler’s Green

It was in Fiddler’s Green Where I met dear Kathleen She had emerald eyes Her cherry hair was so clean I chased her through prairies Of shamrocks and fairies Who’d follow her like flies The only daughter of an Irish Queen Kathleen was from Fiddler’s Green, dear friends Kathleen was from Fiddler’s Green Let’s drinkContinue reading “Kathleen of Fiddler’s Green”

God Bless The Bluebird Cafe

It’s where Country Dreams come true Where everything sung there is brand new Where people go to sit and really listen Where songwriters come to be christened You’ll hear songs there about Mama about ol’ fashioned love & wastin’ away At the end of the night, you’ll wanna say God bless the Bluebird Cafe I’veContinue reading “God Bless The Bluebird Cafe”

Good Luck, Godspeed, Goodbye

The wedding dress her Mama and she picked out was hanging on her childhood bedroom door It was the big day she’d been planning She didn’t have to wait for it anymore She looked out the wet window and asked herself “Rain’s supposed to be a good sign, right?” She then walked down the stairsContinue reading “Good Luck, Godspeed, Goodbye”

All These Waves Are Mine

All these waves are mine They’re finer than 1972 White Wine All these waves are mine While this ain’t the Oahu Pipeline They’re not too choppy They’re curling just right There’s not a single surf punk in sight This morning’s turned out so divine ‘Cause all these waves are mine I moved to Santa CruzContinue reading “All These Waves Are Mine”

Let’s Stay Inside Tonight

It’s near 20 below freezing outside Frankly, I don’t want you out of my sight So what do you say, my sugar plum fairy? Let’s stay inside tonight The fire’s blazing and here’s that Toddy Out the back window, we only see white What do you say, my sweet Swedish dumplin’? Let’s stay inside tonightContinue reading “Let’s Stay Inside Tonight”