It’s What You Did Right

For Barbara J. Gray (Mom) You worked so darn hard Raising us kids to be good During those younger years You both did the best you could We were rambunctious as hell Rebels of our neighborhood But you accepted the call and you understood important things in life like how we’d end up to beContinue reading “It’s What You Did Right”

Sweet Tea Sunset

Sweet tea sunset With her by my side Out on the front porch Our smiles are wide The kids are playing before it gets dark Sweet tea sunset and this trailer park Most of our family say we’re not rich They look at our home and start to twitch But we love it here It’sContinue reading “Sweet Tea Sunset”

If This Ain’t Winnin’, Losin’ Ain’t So Bad

Heard through a friend of mine the other day I was brought up in a Facebook conversation A girl I haven’t seen since we graduated in ‘87 Resorted to assumption and speculation She said I was pathetic ‘n unsuccessful And I’ll be one until I pass away someday I gotta say I giggled for aContinue reading “If This Ain’t Winnin’, Losin’ Ain’t So Bad”