Skin Tag Blues

I’ve got the Skin Tag Blues I’ve got the Skin Tag Blues They’re all over my feet That’s why I don’t like wearin’ shoes Skin Tag Blues Skin Tag Blues There’s nothin’ I can do ‘bout these Skin Tag Blues Skin tags  on my belly Skin tags on my back Skin tags on the napeContinue reading “Skin Tag Blues”

Maybe It’s Just My Boner

When I was younger than I am now I’d get erections all the time In classrooms and bathrooms The feeling was very sublime So it’s weird now that I’m older ‘Cause my dick doesn’t go up much these days Even when I’m not attracted to the girl it decides to go against my heart andContinue reading “Maybe It’s Just My Boner”

Where Her Legs Begin

There’s a great big world right next to me And I know you know what I’m talkin’ about She cleans it every morning of the week So it doesn’t smell like Rainbow Trout And she loves it when I give it attention She gets so happy and her smile’s so wide It’s a special kindContinue reading “Where Her Legs Begin”

Looks Like You Don’t Love Me Anymore

I call you up on your Samsung Note That never leaves your side And instead of clicking answer You decide to hide Behind a message back to me Saying you’re too busy to talk You suggest I rent a movie Or go out for a walk I send you flowers every week But I’ve seenContinue reading “Looks Like You Don’t Love Me Anymore”