Oh Steubenville

It was the Summer before I started freshman year I was invited to go on a week-long religious retreat Thought it was neat that my church sponsored me Maybe Jesus Christ was who I would meet A small group including my best friend and me Got on that jet plane and flew through the skyContinue reading “Oh Steubenville”

Set Me Up With You

You’ve tried to set me up with your friendsThat didn’t go over with them so wellYou kept thinkin’ one of them would like meAnd none of them had fun with me or fell So tonight, I’ve got a good hunch in my heartMaybe you haven’t thought this throughHave you ever considered sweetheart,they think you shouldContinue reading “Set Me Up With You”

When We Make Love She Cries

She’s done all kinds of therapyThe kind I’m never there forWhen she’s done I pick her upShe stays silent & I’m still sore There’s things she won’t tell meThe kind of things I need to knowWithout intimacy in our marriageThere’s no trust & nowhere to go And when we make love she criesAnd I thinkContinue reading “When We Make Love She Cries”

Darker Shade of Blue

Well, I’ve tried to make it right with you And you tend to pick a fight nightly It’s a vicious pattern and problematic This isn’t the way love’s supposed to be They say opposites attract & go together Like the sandy shore & temperamental sea Well you’ve been like those big ol’ waves Relentlessly crashingContinue reading “Darker Shade of Blue”