Settle Down Cowgirl

We’ve been ridin’ this range for a while now and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than lookin’ into your eyes of blue ‘n be with you so we could raise a family We’d build on what we started not long ago when we met during that cattle drive All I can say is livin’ withContinue reading “Settle Down Cowgirl”

On Friday She Wears Red

On Sunday, she wears her best bright Spring floral dress On Monday she wears sweats Tuesday, it’s anyone’s guess Wednesday – T-Shirt, and jeans, Meets her girlfriends for drinks Thursday she’s in white cotton Sometimes she’ll mix in yellows & pinks But on Friday she wears red It’s her favorite to wear on a dateContinue reading “On Friday She Wears Red”

Let’s Stay Inside Tonight

It’s near 20 below freezing outside Frankly, I don’t want you out of my sight So what do you say, my sugar plum fairy? Let’s stay inside tonight The fire’s blazing and here’s that Toddy Out the back window, we only see white What do you say, my sweet Swedish dumplin’? Let’s stay inside tonightContinue reading “Let’s Stay Inside Tonight”