Country-Specific Lyrics

With this page, I wanted to put all my Country-Specific Lyrics in one place. I am doing this because I’m realizing that while I intentionally focused on Country Songwriting in these past few years, I needed to have a section where they are so they are readily available to the visitors to this portfolio. This is a good thing! I am really looking forward to making this website user-friendly and may even drill down to more specifics like what kinds of devices and situations are in the songs to make navigating easier for ya’ll.

All My Reckless Habits

Amesti Angel

Amesti Road

At The Lake House

Belly To Belly, Lips To Lips, Nose To Nose

Better To Lose The Saddle

Blue Blazes

Boys From Her Hometown

Carhartt Hat

Country Girl

Country Girls In A Wagoneer

Don’t Forget Your Key

Everlasting Romance

Have You Smelled His Fingers Lately?

He Doesn’t Know

Here’s The Good Part

Hometown Girl

Horse Loving Sweetheart

If I Cried

If I Sleep Tonight

If You Walk Away

If You’re Looking For My Heart

I’m No Garth Brooks, But…

I’m Not Here To Get Drunk

Is It True You’re Single Again?

Keepin’ Secrets

Lake In Our Hair

Lighthearted Love

Love, Let Me Sleep

May You Prosper Greatly

More Than A Hookup

Nashville, Tennessee

Old-Money Man

Our Moonlight Swim

Pre-Divorce Country Song

RC and a Moonpie

Redbird Country

Revolving Door Of Her Heart

Rich-Rich Redneck

Roof Pool

Rowdy Rednecks

She Cowgirl’s Hard

She Knows How

Should’ve Been Toby Keith

Soon Enough

South Mouth

The Admirer

The Me From Long Ago

Thing For Redneck Men

To The Lake And Back

Tune About Tennessee

Trucker’s Hat And A Farmer’s Tan

Unburden Me, Sweetheart

When Crap Hits The Fan

What Will We Do Without Willie?

When She Looks Back

When She Walks Away

White Collar Redneck

Workin’ On A New One

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