Themes I Use

Because there are so many lyrics posted on my website, I thought I’d explain the types of lyrics I tend to write often, and they overlap with one another. Here’s my list of the various themes and why I believe I write them.

Americana: I consider songs that are considered Americana to be a catch-all style. I think of a different kind of Americana music when I write in what I believe the style is and will remain to be. According to a lot of the Americana music that’s already out there, there seems to be a thought that it is of Roots/Folk origin. My position on this is that Americana songs capture an American Nostalgic feeling. I think of Piano songs from the Great Depression and the folksy songs that came out of those early hopes and dreams of the suffering people back then. Love was all they had. Love of each other, and the desire for better lives. Whether it’s a song I think suits a piano-playing singer style or a singer/songwriter style, I think the most important thing about an Americana theme is that people relate to it because it brings back a specific memory for them. Whether it’s falling in puppy love as a teen, or catching feelings for someone in one’s twenties or thirties, it’s pretty clear that the stories I love writing in this genre of music are those that deal with the events you tend to go to when you’re that age or the kinds of friends you make as well as the young women you date. I think of the All-American experience, you know, the diner, the malt shop, the bars or even the cafeteria at school. I think of Football games and sports one plays. I think of the experience of growing up as an American, not necessarily of the White or Black experience or any Gender or Sexual Preference. Of course I’ll be biased to the experiences that I had and continue to have. Some influences I’ve discovered I have within this style of songwriting tend to be Composer Randy Newman, Singer/Songwriters David Wilcox, Bob Franke, and John Gorka and a whole lot of current Country Artists/Writers like Garth Brooks, Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, Midland and so many others. I’ll even through in Harry Connick, Jr. into this category because he definitely comes up with some classic songs that deal with American thoughts, American stories and true reflections on relationships and how we all interact with one another.

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