Deep Questions

Am I still your one and only love? Am I still the one that you want? Am I still sunshine on your shoulders? Am I still your moonlight in Vermont? Are you someone who watches over me? Or do you feel lonesome tonight? When my health has fallen by the wayside Will you still haveContinue reading “Deep Questions”

Dead Inside

Dead inside That’s how I turned out Dead inside I don’t know what I’m about I have no idea how I got this way But here you are asking me today If I remember a time when I felt well But I promised I would never ever tell I cannot unpack all those feelings LockedContinue reading “Dead Inside”

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Meet-Cute Song (Duet)

Man: There you are, I don’t know you but I see you every day Here at this place, you never ever take a look over my way And I don’t know why your eyes haven’t met mine And I don’t know why but I believe in God’s Design And this I know, This I feelContinue reading “Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Meet-Cute Song (Duet)”

Fancy Seeing You Here

Fancy seeing you here Are you drinking alone? Is this seat by you taken? My, how time’s flown The last time you saw me I was dating someone Fancy seeing you here I’ve missed you a ton Remember we went out To that ’91 County Fair Back before we got older And l lost mostContinue reading “Fancy Seeing You Here”

California Vacayday

We’ve looked forward to this Just our children, you and me Spending quality time together In scenic Capitola-by-the-Sea It’s a perfect California Vacayday We went bodysurfin’ in the bay It’s a perfect California Vacayday It’s so great to be away from the hustle and bustle and our big city street And eating gourmet tacos filledContinue reading “California Vacayday”

Pinto Lake

Well, I’m thinkin’ about Half Moon Bay and those egg sandwiches you would make, All those black and white analog snapshots you wanted to but didn’t have time to take And I’m thinkin’ about that early Spring day It was a bit foggy, you had something to say When we were in that rowboat onContinue reading “Pinto Lake”

You Should Have Seen Your Face (2nd Draft)

It was a moment I’ll never forget That summer sun had already set The sidewalk was a little wet You should have seen your face When we bumped into your old flame You said you couldn’t remember his name And he thought you were playing a game You should have seen your face When heContinue reading “You Should Have Seen Your Face (2nd Draft)”