The Songs We Wrote That Summer

The first one we wrote, it was when we met It was a Meet Cute you and I will never forget It had humor involving food staining your dress and us laughing hysterically as we cleaned the mess The second one we wrote on our coffee shop date We could have cut it short, butContinue reading “The Songs We Wrote That Summer”

Maybe It’s Just My Boner

When I was younger than I am now I’d get erections all the time In classrooms and bathrooms The feeling was very sublime So it’s weird now that I’m older ‘Cause my dick doesn’t go up much these days Even when I’m not attracted to the girl it decides to go against my heart andContinue reading “Maybe It’s Just My Boner”

I Just Want My Brother Back

We would go down to the creek and dip our feet in Those were just little walks but are good memories I remember he was the one who told me about them busy hummingbirds and bumblebees He’d let me go through all his records and tapes I’d spend hours studying the liner notes and learnContinue reading “I Just Want My Brother Back”

What Have You Done With Her?

V1 Believe it or not, I’m not angry at you for whatever it is you two have done She doesn’t know I’m meeting you here She thinks I’ve come to the city for fun I’m sure you’re wonderin’ how I know The way I found out about your affair There was a day a coupleContinue reading “What Have You Done With Her?”

And Then I Met You

I knew girls who were so nice but not many went out with me twice All I was dreaming of was paradise And then I met you There were those who I got to know and they didn’t go with the flow So I was searching high and low And then I met you YouContinue reading “And Then I Met You”

Amazing True Love, Please

After sampling your menu of life, waitress And trying to figure out what I really want Let me order that super exclusive dish you serve at this fantastic and fine restaurant I’d like to start out with some orange juice I know it does wonders for how I feel And I’ll also have a cupContinue reading “Amazing True Love, Please”

Goomba Town

Men’s men all around The sweetest women can be found It’s like livin’ on Italian ground There, in Goomba Town It’s the place to be if you’re from beloved Sicily They’ll treat you like family There, in Goomba Town They’re far from bein’ gangsters you see in those movies and on TV But the actorsContinue reading “Goomba Town”