The Fool Who Did Her Wrong

When I met her, she was primed and ready to dance
She had already sipped on a couple of beers
All her inhibitions were gone & so was the man
who she was with for all those shitty years
Her long brown hair and those emerald eyes
made me think about what might be
So I asked her if she was with anyone
and if she’d want to get on the floor with me

From that night on, it was me and her
Our friends said it would never last
They said I wasn’t the right type for that girl
She was too wrapped up in the past
We got so caught up in each other
Some say we got too serious, too fast
Who she was pining for all along
was the fool who did her wrong

We had a lot in common, she and I
Our exes were not all that great or nice
We put our hearts and souls into them
And the both of us, we paid our price
So when we got together we made a vow
to love each other as best we could
and as far as we knew we were partners
but it didn’t turn out so good

Cause in the middle of the night she’d wake up cryin’
The hurt he caused her haunted her all the time
Even though he had been cheatin’ and lyin’
If he’d come back, she’d forgive him for every crime

So one evening I went out to a bar without her
and I met someone who wasn’t hung up on another man
We shared a couple of drinks and some old stories
and sure enough, my whole world hit the fan
‘Cause in walked the girl I made a promise to
The one from the beginning of this song
Instead of becoming a prince who’d always do her right
I became the fool who did her wrong

Last I heard she moved back in with him and out of state
And I’m weaker than I’ve been while they’re going strong
and I’ve been thinkin’ about her every hour of the day
She’s forgotten all about this fool who did her wrong

Yeah, I’m now the fool who did her wrong
I’m now the fool who did her wrong.


Lyric Notes: This seems like it could use some tuning up, and most certainly not the story I was expecting to tell. But lyrics, they come out and all you can do is release them and polish em up for people to enjoy.

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