Moments That Matter To Me

(For Melanie Ann Gray)

There was the time when I met you
Oh, how could I ever forget you
I assumed you would break my heart
We were there at the Hole 19 bar
Then we drove to the beach by car
It sure was one hell of a start

You had long brunette hair
I knew right then and there
I wanted to kiss you again & again
I never wanted to wake from that dream
As innocent and naïve as it may seem
Those were moments that mattered to me

When we were just friends
You flew up one weekend
I had to work but you didn’t mind
You met my Grandma in Corralitos
Had breakfast instead of burritos
She thought you were sweet and kind

I took you to the San Jose airport
You said you weren’t ready to court
So another date wasn’t set
Even though you wanted to stay free
Even though you didn’t agree
Those were moments that mattered to me

Cause the very next day
You called me up to say
You hid something for me to find
I was shocked at what it was
And over the moon because
You left your sweetheart behind
It was the first year we were dating
And it was like effortless skating
Like the kind you see on TV
You were everything I hoped you would be

Then a few months went by
And I cannot tell you a lie
I was nervous that night as were you
When I got down on one knee
With a diamond giving to me
By the woman who already knew

To her it was no riddle or mystery
Those were moments that mattered to me

You choose me every day and night
Now and then we have a fight
But we hang in there cause we care
And there are times I see
That same girl you used to be
Who was a little bit scared

But we embrace and it’s heavenly
And those are the moments
All of those sweet moments
With you my darling are the moments
The moments that matter to me
The moments that matter to me

May 10, 2020
Mother’s Day

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